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About Me

Maxim Schunk is a German DJ and producer from Ratingen. Inspired by his
mother, Schunk started playing the piano when he was 6 years old. At the
age of 14 he started producing digital music and in 2010 he attended a
music school in Wuppertal. In 2012, Maxim worked with the singer and
songwriter Tihamer Jenei from Hamburg. At the end of 2014, Maxim and Marcel Müller created the DeepHouseBrothers project. They produced electro-house, big room and deep house. In December 2015, they released the song “Twerk” as another project called Jaxx with the video making it to the MTV Top 10 Video Charts. The following EP “XuXu” reached the iTunes charts where the song “Shine” (feat. MIC Deal) resulting in the duo ranking as 47th on the Viral Spotify Charts in early March 2016. At the end of 2015, Jaxx collaborated with singer- songwriter Julia Kautz and produced the song “Heart Beat”. Shortly afterwards, the boys met with one of the most successful producers Harald Reitinger in the studio and produced “Vogelfrei” with singer Ryan Finnich. Later in the year, the song „Twerk“ entered the Top 10 MTV Video Charts. They produced the song “Make You Fly” and won a YouTube award for the most subscribed channel and the most played video (week / month) in 2012. In 2013 he met the rapper TomE (Tom J Corea), known for the song Bella Vita by DJ Antoine and the two produced the song “Feel it in my heart” featuring TonyT. Maxim also produced and worked with artists such as
Carlprit and U-Jean. During 2017 Schunk traveled Europe extensively, including Greece, London, Paris and Malta, touring and playing at festivals with one of his best friends, Carlprit. Breaking away from Jaxx, Maxim decided to go solo and explore new territories by experimenting with new production techniques and styles. In February 2018, he joined forces with Raven & Kreyn’s and BISHØP to release “My Name”, with Beatport describing it as “an undeniably infectious rework.” Previously supported by the late Avicii, and EDM-heavyweights Don Diablo, Tiesto, and Fedde Le Grand, Maxim Schunk is no stranger to the electronic dance music scene. After dominating the Spotify charts earlier this year and gathering over 2 million streams with “My Name”, a collaboration between Raven & Kreyn featuring the vocals of renowned singer-songwriter BISHØP, Schunk is ready to reign the charts once again with “Light Up”. The video was shot within the bustling, neon-filled streets of Bangkok and was inspired by his passion for travel. “The song is about freedom and breaking out from old patterns. It’s a feel-good song that should encourage you to let go and simply enjoy life,” explains Schunk on the new single, “I think that in everyone’s life you somehow reach the point where you feel kind of stuck and just want to try new things. You want to feel the energy and the drive that comes with the beginning of something new. This song is my personal anthem to freedom, to encourage everyone to be brave and spontaneous.” Constantly pushing the boundaries of music production, Schunk combines his extensive musical background with the latest tricks of the trade, “I always try to explore new dimensions for my music. To me, differentiation is crucial, so I like to play around with new techniques in order to meet my style. However, in the end, I really just need to feel the song’s vibe.” Just as his passion for travel, Schunk takes in his surroundings with open eyes and ears, absorbing every last drop of detail. These captured moments begin to shift and take form as they are masterfully converted into a staggering mood that can be anticipated from headphones to open-airs, “In my opinion, the crowd is the main factor in the nightlife experience. I just love it when people are waving their hands up in the air and have
a good time. When crafting his pieces, Maxim prefers to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, “I like to define my sound as fresh and energising but inspiring at the same time. I want my songs to go deeper but still retain the fun part of electronic music. My sound should stick in your head and be there for every condition of life.” They forget all of their sorrows and just live in the moment. I really like electronic festivals. The moment when the fire show starts on stage and people scream and jump in harmony. It always gives me goosebumps.“

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